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We are excited to announce to all of our customers that LifeFuels is again available! Over the summer we were able to secure a deal to bring LifeFuels back! 

So what's new?

1: LifeFuels was purchased by Infuze and is now located in Logan Utah! Infuze Hydration has taken on the LifeFuels product line and pod systems.

2: New Pods! Select Infuze Elixirs are now available to be used in the LifeFuels system. Elixir are made for hydrating! You will get a steady dose of electrolytes with a great tasting flavor you can sip on all day long! And they are available for just $4.99

What's the same?

1: Same great system

2: Same level of customer service and care

3: Same level of quality and value with every product

What's to come?

1- We are in the process of updating the APP back to its fully functional state, but we didn’t want to make you wait to be able to use your system! So in the next few weeks we should have everything back up and running! (The app currently will track your water, it just won’t recognise your pod at the moment.)

2- New Supplement lines! 

New Pre-workout formulation

Slumber formula

3- New collabs

In the coming months there will be some groundbreaking team ups that we know you will be excited for!

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